CentOS 7.2 编译安装bindfs

By | October 20, 2016


CentOS 7.2

  1. 到 http://bindfs.org/ 获得最新版本的bindfs源码包
  2. 解压下载的源码包
  3. 进入bindfs源码目录

  4. 尝试运行bindfs


Usage: bindfs [options] dir mountpoint
-h –help Print this and exit.
-V –version Print version number and exit.

File ownership:
-u –force-user=… Set file owner.
-g –force-group=… Set file group.
-m –mirror=… Comma-separated list of users who will see
themselves as the owners of all files.
-M –mirror-only=… Like –mirror but disallow access for
all other users.
–map=user1/user2:… Let user2 see files of user1 as his own.
–uid-offset=… Set file uid = uid + offset.
–gid-offset=… Set file gid = gid + offset.

Permission bits:
-p –perms=… Specify permissions, similar to chmod
e.g. og-x,og+rD,u=rwX,g+rw or 0644,a+X

File creation policy:
–create-as-user New files owned by creator (default for root). *
–create-as-mounter New files owned by fs mounter (default for users).
–create-for-user=… New files owned by specified user. *
–create-for-group=… New files owned by specified group. *
–create-with-perms=… Alter permissions of new files.

Chown policy:
–chown-normal Try to chown the original files (the default).
–chown-ignore Have all chowns fail silently.
–chown-deny Have all chowns fail with ‘permission denied’.

Chgrp policy:
–chgrp-normal Try to chgrp the original files (the default).
–chgrp-ignore Have all chgrps fail silently.
–chgrp-deny Have all chgrps fail with ‘permission denied’.

Chmod policy:
–chmod-normal Try to chmod the original files (the default).
–chmod-ignore Have all chmods fail silently.
–chmod-deny Have all chmods fail with ‘permission denied’.
–chmod-filter=… Change permissions of chmod requests.
–chmod-allow-x Allow changing file execute bits in any case.

Extended attribute policy:
–xattr-none Do not implement xattr operations.
–xattr-ro Read-only xattr operations.
–xattr-rw Read-write xattr operations (the default).

Rate limits:
–read-rate=… Limit to bytes/sec that can be read.
–write-rate=… Limit to bytes/sec that can be written.

-n –no-allow-other Do not add -o allow_other to fuse options.
–realistic-permissions Hide permission bits for actions mounter can’t do.
–ctime-from-mtime Read file properties’ change time
from file content modification time.
–enable-lock-forwarding Forward locks to the underlying FS.
–enable-ioctl Forward ioctl() calls (as the mounter).
–hide-hard-links Always report a hard link count of 1.
–resolve-symlinks Resolve symbolic links.
–resolved-symlink-deletion=… Decide how to delete resolved symlinks.
–multithreaded Enable multithreaded mode. See man page
for security issue with current implementation.

FUSE options:
-o opt[,opt,…] Mount options.
-r -o ro Mount strictly read-only.
-d -o debug Enable debug output (implies -f).
-f Foreground operation.

(*: root only)

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